Gluten Free

Gluten Free

Gluten-Free doesn't have to be flavor-free. Almonds are the perfect solution for a healthy gluten-free diet.

Full-Flavor Gluten-Free

Almonds truly are the most versatile nut. From snacking to everyday cooking and baking there is an almond form that will fit your gluten-free lifestyle.

Almond Flour, the Gluten-Free Staple

  • Treehouse Almond Flour uses one simple ingredient... ALMONDS unlike other GF flours in the marketplace.
  • Its slightly sweet buttery taste is perfect for coating fish or poultry.
  • Bake your favorite cookies or use almond flour to make a tastier pie crust.

Here are some of our favorite Gluten-Free tips

  • Substitute your bread crumbs and all-purpose flour for delicious Treehouse Almond Flour... This will add a delicious & gluten-free deliciousness to your favorite fish or poultry dish.
  • Cut out the croutons and some crunchy sliced or slivered almonds to your salad.
  • Our Roasted almonds are the perfect ingredient to make your homemade and gluten-free almond butter.
  • Got a sweet tooth? Almonds add the perfect crunch to your favorite sweets. Almond flour cookies are a great way to start!