weight management

Weight Management

Managing your weight? Need a nutritious source of craving curbing fiber? Almonds are easy to work into just about any diet plan!

Almonds, a key ingredient for a healthy lifestyle

Nuts and more importantly almonds are packed with vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients necessary to help reduce cravings and keep you energized all day. Unlike the traditional grain-based 'low-fat' snack, almonds are slow digesting which provides a more sustainable type of energy compared to the rush and crash carbohydrate based energy.

Weight-Loss Diet, Almonds

The International Journal of Obesity as well as other studies have found that people eating a restricted diet with added almonds loss more weight than those on the same restricted diet with added complex carbohydrates. Almonds are a great snack replacement or perfect addition to your salad, vegetable stir-fry or even a smoothie. 

  • Almonds are recommended by many popular weight-loss plans because of they provide energy and beneficial nutrients. 
  • A 2012 study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that a one-ounce serving of almonds (about 23 nuts) has just 129 calories as opposed to the previous count of 160. That's 20% less than previously thought.*
  • Plus they are simple to integrate into your diet. Grab a handful as a snack or incorporate them into your meal preparation.