About The Farm

About The Farm

Quality almond ingredients come from the best almond orchards in California.

From California with love...

Nestled in the San Joaquin Valley of California, our almonds are sourced from our own back yard from some of the best farms in all of California. With commitment to sustainable almond production, our growers use Good Agricultural Practices and the latest in sustainable farming techniques.

Why California?

Representing over 80% of the world's total almond supply, California and more specifically the San Joaquin Valley, is the world's epicenter for almond production. The rich soil combined with the ideal Mediterranean (warm summers & cool winters) climate makes the San Joaquin Valley the ideal place to grow nutritious and heart-healthy almonds. Nowhere else in the world will you find a more suitable place to not only grow almonds but a rich diversity of crops that not only feed the nation but also the world. 

How are we different?

Treehouse is not your ordinary almond supplier. We don’t have hundreds or even thousands of growers suppling us with almonds. Nope, we keep it pretty simple and choose to directly source from our own farms and only a selected few of California’s best farming families. Having the ability to control quality from the orchard all the way to the end consumer is a rare find in this industry and is one of the many reasons for Treehouse’s success. To supply the best almond products in the world, you must first source from the best almond farms in California.

Land Conservation

Over 1,000 ACRES of prime agricultural land preserved under land conservation easements

 ....Sounds great! but what does that mean? 

By placing prestine agricultural land under conservation easements, our growers have taken unprecedented steps to insure that the San Joaquin Valley will continue to produce wholesome and nutritious foods for generations to come. Here at Treehouse, we are so proud to have partnered with sustainability minded farming families who are actively taking steps to protect our natural resources. 

  • 1,000 acres preserved under land conservation easements
  • Guarantees fertile farmland will continue to provide wholesome nutrition for generations to come
  • "Farming is our livelihood, our love, our tradition and is something worth protecting"                                                                   - Keith Gardiner, Gardiner Farms- 3rd generation farming family
The Farm 


Treehouse almonds are grown on farms using the latest energy and resource effecient technologies. Take a walk around our orchards and you will find solar powered irrigation systems, mico-drip/spray water immiters and high-tech Hortau field management systems. With so much of the nation and the world populations relying on food produced in California's San Joaquin Valley, our growers understood the importance of our natural resources a long time ago and the topic of sustainability is not something new... it is an integral part of daily farming activities. 

  • Micro-irrigation systems - for over ten years our growers have utilized ultra effecient irrigation technology to generate more crop for the drop.
  • Solar powered irrigation systems - not only are we using less water per acre but we are even utilizing the suns energy to power our irrigation systems.
  • Hortau field managment systems- real time soil, moisture and weather meters provide precise irrigation data to eliminate water waste.  
  • Land conservation easements - over 1,000 acres of prime agriculture land preserved for generations to come.
  • Bee-Friendly Certified - As proud supporters of the Pollinator Partnership, we are doing our part to protect our precious pollinators

.Solar Panels in Almond Orchard