Treehouse is proud to have worked with Coca-Cola and its Simply (almond milk) brand team to complete a water recharge basin project that helps replenish water that’s used for Simply’s almond supply. Coca-Cola featured the project in its 2020 Business & Environmental, Social and Governance Report (page 42). Below it the article as it appeared in the report:

Promoting a Simply™ Sustainable Almond Supply

As consumers seek out alternatives to dairy, almond beverages have become increasingly popular. Almond milk has a lower environmental footprint but relatively high water needs compared to other dairy alternatives. Partnering with our supplier, Treehouse California Almonds, and our Simply brand, which sources all of its almonds from California, in 2020 we began a water replenishment project in the watershed of one of our primary almond sourcing locations. When up and running in 2021, this project alone will help replenish the equivalent of approximately 20% of the water used to grow and process Simply’s almond supply. 

Working with Treehouse California Almonds, we have also encouraged the growers in our supply chain to participate in the California Almond Sustainability Program (CASP), which provides tools for sustainable practices and performance tracking. By the end of 2020, 100% of the acres supplying our company were participating in the program.

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