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When Treehouse California Almonds was first started in the early 1980's, the mission was clear: deliver premium quality almond products to the baking and confectionary industries-while maintaining respect for bees, farmers and the environment. .

Through our "farm-to-table" approach, innovative processing techniques and commitment to premium quality- Treehouse has been a leader in the almond industry and delivering True Almond Goodness to our customers for over 30 years.

Founded: 1980

Partnerships: With over 90% of our almond supply sourced directly from our own orchards and a focus on premium quality, we have chosen to only partner with a few other top tier family-owned farms. Controlling our own supply as well as only sourcing from the most well respected growing families, we insure quality from the orchard all the way to our customers.

Products and Services: Here at Treehouse, we specialize in confectionary grade, almond ONLY ingredients. We have the ability to blanch, dry roast, slice, dice, sliver and meal right under our own roof.


BRC Food

BRC (A grade)

Kosher Certifified


Halal Certified


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Sedex Certified

Sedex (Ethical & Responsible Practices)

UL certified

UL (Quality, Environmental Health, & Sustainability)

Custom Processing

Custom Processing

Value, Quality and an Innovative Spirit

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With over 270,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space, state-of-the-art processing lines and the first BRC accredited almond processing facility in California, it is no wonder why Treehouse has been the most trusted name in the almond industry for the past 30 years. Our custom processing services cater a number of food and beverage industries from confectionary to nut-based beverages. We proudly serve many of the top almond suppliers, nut-butters and confectionary brands around the world.

Our Specialty

Our Specialty

Premium, All-Natural Almond Ingredients for a world of applications

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With a host of manufacturing capabilities and commitment to product innovation, Treehouse proudly serves top named brands from all over the world across the confectionary, bakery, nut butter and plant-based beverage industries. With a BRC “A Grade” accredited facility, the highest quality standards, farm-to-table traceability and a customer focused staff, it’s no wonder why Treehouse is among the highest regarded suppliers in the almond ingredient industry.

The Farm-to-Table Difference

The Farm-to-Table Difference

True quality begins in the orchard

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Rooted in tradition and progressive by nature Here at Treehouse, we understand that the freshest and best tasting almond ingredients are grown in only the highest quality almond orchards. As one of the few grower owned almond suppliers, Treehouse sources directly from our own orchards and only a handful of premium farming families. This is very different from most "traditional" almond suppliers who typically source from hundreds or even thousands of farms.

From the soil to the tree and all the way through to our customers, Treehouse is committed to sustainable agricultural practices and delivering the finest almond products.

Our Bees

The Bees

Almonds & Bees, a mutually beneficial relationship

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Did you know that one third of the global food supply relies on pollinators to some degree? or that over 90 crops are pollinated by commercial honeybees every year?

It's true, many of our favorite foods that we eat everyday, like almonds, rely on honeybees for production. These amazing creatures play a pivotal role in our ecosystem and global food supply.

Here at Treehouse, we have made the environmentally conscious decision to take a vested interest in our precious pollinators. In fact, our grower owners have started an apiary program (United Honey Bee) and now much of our almonds here at Treehouse were pollinated by our very own bees.

As a certified Bee-Friendly Farm and a member of the Pollinator Partnership, Treehouse is committed to raising bee-health awareness and protecting our pollinators through sustainable agricultural practices.

For more information, on how you can join Treehouse Almonds in helping to raise honeybee-health awareness, protect our ecosystem and our future generations of pollinators... please go to