Let’s Find out how Almond Butter is Produced at Treehouse

Get a behind-the-scenes look at almond butter production at the world’s largest processing farm, Treehouse Almonds.

Learn everything from almond harvesting to the innovative manufacturing process.
Keep reading and be amazed…

Commitment to Quality

Treehouse Almonds stands out as the world’s largest almond butter processor (owned by a producer). This important fact not only reflects their magnitude but also shows their commitment to quality.

The meticulous care in almond selection, coupled with state-of-the-art production processes, results in a product that surpasses the highest quality standards demanded by the market.
The Treehouse team works tirelessly to create customized almond butter ingredients, enhancing not just the flavor but also the texture, aroma, and color, catering to a wide range of needs.

Cutting-Edge Processing and Ingredient Customization

Cutting-Edge Processing and Ingredient Customization

Treehouse facilities are modern and entirely focused on almond processing.

While most processors use conventional methods, they elevate almond butter quality by adjusting granularity during grinding.

The ability to control physical attributes like texture and color during this process makes Treehouse an expert in almond butter.

This commitment to quality not only meets specific customer demands but also allows for unprecedented customization.

Moreover, the ability to incorporate other ingredients during the manufacturing process further expands possibilities, resulting in truly unique almond butters 

tailored to individual preferences.

Efficient Production and Agile Logistics

Tree House’s commitment to excellence isn’t limited to product quality but extends to operational efficiency.

From start to finish, from production to logistics, they have rapid and reliable delivery schedules.

This, in fact, is a point of pride for everyone in the company: producing, packaging, and delivering large quantities of almond butter within an excellent timeframe.

Mission: Innovation and Personalized Development

Mission: Innovation and Personalized Development

Beyond large-scale production, the mission to be a company constantly seeking innovation is ingrained in Tree House’s culture, fostering openness to new ideas and concepts, especially in research and development.

The company’s commitment is to be more than just a supplier but a strategic partner that businesses know they can trust and rely on at any time.

Tree House aims to be the bridge between the customer’s vision and reality, enabling the development of new almond butter products and concepts.

Undoubtedly, the journey in almond butter production is marked by excellence, innovation, and commitment. Each phase, from harvesting to shipment, reflects this commitment to quality.

Being a global reference in almond butter production is undoubtedly a source of pride — and hard work — within Treehouse Almonds.

The company’s promise is to continue raising standards and surprising the market with exceptional products and agile services.

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