Innovation, Flavor, Quality, and Sustainability: Learn More About This Incredible Partnership.

Big Spoon Roasters is a pioneering company in creating innovative nut butters and energy bars. Recognized for its sustainable practices and commitment to supply chain transparency, Big Spoon Roasters has introduced several innovations to the market. From including ingredients such as chai, cocoa nibs, and crystallized ginger to implementing membership clubs for its customers, offering an exclusive and personalized experience. Additionally, the company has partnered with a network of organic producers and family farmers worldwide, including Treehouse California Almonds, promoting sustainable agriculture and high-quality ingredients.

From Tree to Spoon: Choosing the Ideal Partner

After extensive research, Big Spoon Roasters chose Treehouse California Almonds as the almond supplier for its product line, due to its exceptional quality and shared commitment to sustainability.

Known for its thin shell, rich flavor, and crunchy texture, Treehouse stood out for its Mission variety, which is widely cultivated in California and popularly known for its naturally sweet taste.

Another factor contributing to this great partnership was Treehouse’s strong commitment to various sustainable agricultural practices, cultivating almonds in its own orchards and selected family farms.

Our methods include efficient irrigation systems powered by solar energy and advanced field management technologies that minimize water waste and promote environmental responsibility.

Our daily mission is to provide high-quality almond ingredients to national and global brand food manufacturers, ensuring traceability and maintaining a deep respect for bees, farmers, society, and the environment.
We play a leading role in assisting California almond producers in increasing organic production in their orchards. By adopting organic farming practices, they trigger significant benefits for the planet and the future of their businesses.

Discover how Treehouse California Almonds can collaborate with your company.

Explore the benefits:

When seeking quality products, food industries worldwide find significant advantages in partnering with Treehouse California Almonds.

After all, in addition to providing high-quality, sourced ingredients, we also promote innovation, sustainability, and transparency in the supply chain.

Our experts are great partners in developing new products, with extensive experience and mastery of equipment and processes.

The Treehouse team has led the forefront in many of the most significant advances in the almond ingredient industry. Our professionals master production processes, ensuring the quality and distinctive characteristics that set products apart in the market.

Below are some of the key benefits we offer to our customers and partners:

  • Tailoring the product to our customers’ needs, such as color, texture, and crunchiness.
  • Supply of High Quality Ingredients
  • Versatility of Almond-Derived Products
  • Commitment to Sustainability
  • Product Innovation Encouragement
  • Traceability and Transparency Assurance
  • New Product Development

We are here to collaborate with you, not only as consultants but as business partners, ready to overcome challenges and push creative boundaries to achieve your goals.

Click here and become a partner. We are ready to help turn your ideas into reality!

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