Types of Almonds
Types of Almonds

For over 30 years, Treehouse Almonds has mastered cultivation and marketing Almonds. They are much more than a simple fruit, they are versatile. Their types and preparation methods offer an incredible variety of experiences and flavors. They are extremely healthy and rich in vitamins.

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Varieties of Almonds – Let’s Explore!

Almond Flour

Derived from pure almonds ground into a fine powder, almond flour is a key ingredient in gluten-free and low-carb recipes. It provides structure and moisture to cakes and breads while adding a slightly sweet touch to recipes.

Almond Butter

Produced by grinding almonds to a soft and creamy consistency, almond butter is a versatile ingredient. Due to its deep almond flavor and enriching texture, it’s the superstar of many dessert recipes.

Sliced Almonds

Thinly cut, these almonds offer a delicate aesthetic, perfect for decorating both sweet and savory dishes. They also introduce a crunchy element when sprinkled over salads or incorporated into baking recipes.

Slivered Almonds

Thinner than the sliced ones, slivered almonds resemble translucent leaves. They’re perfect for cake toppings, adding a delicate and sophisticated touch to any recipe.

Diced Almonds

Chopped into cube-like shapes, they bring a rustic and textured element. In this form, almonds are great for muesli, quick snacks with mixed dried fruits, and even some savory dishes.

Whole Almonds

These are almonds in their purest form, with all their integrity, flavor, and texture preserved. On their own, they’re considered a super healthy snack, but they also work well in various recipes.

Almond Halves

As the name suggests, these are almonds mechanically cut in half, revealing their soft and porous internal texture. Often found in chocolates, they provide a burst of flavor when contrasting with the smoothness of cocoa.

Almonds in the shell

These almonds are sold in their most natural form, with their intact protective shell. The shell keeps the almond fresh for a longer period of time and provides a crunchy texture when roasted.

Almond Protein Powder

Essentially, these are defatted almonds ground into powder. It’s an excellent alternative for shakes and recipes seeking to enhance protein intake with a lighter flavor. Maybe add in plant based protein.

Almond Oil

Extracted from almonds, this oil is known for its health-beneficial properties. Additionally, it’s widely used in both cooking and the cosmetics market.

Understanding Almond Preparation Variations

With the exception of almonds in the shell, protein powder, and oil, all other variations can be found in the following preparations:

Whole Almonds

The natural version represents almonds in their pure essence. Their shells are removed, but the skin is still preserved. Natural almonds retain their original aromas and flavors without any additional processing. The Nonpareil variety is a consumer favorite. Prized for its natural sweet flavor makes the Nonpareil variety the best choice for snacking applications. Would change the picture to a picture of Nonpareil Whole Almonds.


When roasted, almonds unveil a more robust and intense flavor profile, with a crispy exterior texture that wonderfully contrasts with their soft interior.


This preparation involves hot water and steam almonds to remove their skin, resulting in a lighter-colored product with a smoother texture. They are especially used in recipes that require a cleaner, delicate, and uniform finish.


Sustainably grown, TreeHouse provides customers with organic almonds sourced from certified and reliable producers. They possess an authentic and delightful flavor, just like other preparation methods.

In its wide range of cuts and preparations, almonds are a splendid representation of nature in cuisine. Whatever your preference or requirement, Treehouse Almonds, the most esteemed producer in California, is an expert in the field, offering all forms of almonds with high quality, care and dedication.

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